Handmade Beeswax Candles

From the early days at St. Eugene’s Hermitage in Pt. Reyes until today, the main source of our income has been candle production. Like everything we offer to God, our candles are made with nothing artificial. They are 100% natural beeswax. They burn with a warm glow, driplessly and without smoke.

How They Are Made

Beeswax collected from honeycomb is formed into large, 40-pound bricks by the beekeeper. For candlemaking, these bricks are melted in a large, 50 gallon double-boiler vat. Frames are strung with natural, all-cotton wicking of the appropriate thickness. The monk then takes these frames one-by-one and slowly dips them into the vat of molten wax. Layer upon layer is added to the candles in each successive dipping until they reach the desired thickness. While still warm, the candles are cut out of the frame with a sharp knife. The wicks are trimmed and base is chopped square. The finished candles are carefully placed in boxes for shipment.

Monastery Production2

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You can also order by phone, email or fax for bulk candle orders (5 or more pounds). Please use thisĀ CandleOrderForm2023. You can email or fax us the order form, or use the order form to help make the order by phone or email.

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