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Welcome to the Monastery Guesthouse!

At present, we are able to house up to 19 guests comfortably in the monastery guesthouse, which is a short walk from the main house of the monastery. Surrounded by trees, roses and an herb garden, the guesthouse provides a little getaway for those seeking spiritual renewal. Both men and women are welcome. Please contact Fr. Alexis (email below) for reservations.

For directions and further details, please read the Guesthouse Brochure.

Of further note with regards to the directions:

  1. The map indicates a distance of 4.7 miles along Forward Rd., which is the distance from the store to the monastery. But the critical distance is from the store to Ponderosa Way, since it’s easy for someone to miss that turnoff, especially after dark. Indicating the 3.8 mile distance to Ponderosa Way is what’s really needed here. Once someone makes that turn the rest of the distance is obvious from the sign on the corner, and the monastery entrance sign is hard to miss.
  2. For anyone traveling from the north along Wilson Hill Rd., it should be emphasized that a turn to the right, not to the left, should be made onto Rock Creek Rd., and then a left turn onto Forward Rd.
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We would also be pleased to host your parish or youth retreats. There is always plenty of work if you want to organize a work retreat. Contact Fr. Alexis to arrange for a group retreat or work party. Call 530-474-5974, or email: